Saturday, April 12, 2008

Choosing a Consultant

OK, so after reviewing the sisterlocks website for the 400th time and reading other blogs, I decided to do some consultant shopping. Also, the first consultant I went to could not schedule me for a locking session until June 1 and I am being a little impatient.

My test locks from my first session came out, mainly because I had my hair washed at a shop (that claimed they did sisterlocks) and they were literally combed out! That was only one of the mishaps of the visit, so after letting the shop owner know (a sisterlocks trainee) she offered me a 1/2 price locking session after telling me she didn't completely agree with all of Dr. Cornwell's techniques (Red Flag).

Today, I finally had a thorough consultation with a certified consultant and scheduled a locking session for May 18th & 19th!

New Sample Loc

Wish me luck as I try to develop patience for my one month and 6 day countdown.


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  2. I answered your question on my blog. Don't worry, you can endure 1month because I had to wait nearly 3 months to have my current set installed and until then, I just kept my hair in kinky twists. Looking forward to seeing more photos! :-)

  3. Happy to know you will be joining us soon. You did good to do your research - and that trainees comments were definitely a red flag!

  4. Good luck! If you do have my consultant (Claire) then you will have great SLs. It is her passion, and she is great at it!

  5. thanks for stopping by and congratulations on finding a someone to do your hair that you feel comfortable with. i look forward to you sharing your journey with us.


  6. Congrats on joining the sisterhood! I will be watching your progress. I did not do a lot of shopping around for a consultant. I only talked to two and the one I liked, I met at a Natural Hair MeetUp Group. Her hair looked good and I figured I could trust her. I have been happy so far. But, I know how it is finding someone to trust in your hair. I am sure it will all work out. Good luck!

  7. Hi SisterlocksMD,

    I got your question on my blog and I am responding here. I started with about 5 inches of hair and my SLs are medium and small with a few micros in the front. I have about 300 locks. You can read more here.

    Good luck