Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lock Sighting

For the first time someone asked me if I was getting "dreads" last week. I really don't like that term, I prefer "locks" but I was just so excited that someone had even noticed I was locking my hair so I didn't say anything! I also didn't feel it necessary to go into the whole "well actually they are sisterlocks" thing and then have to explain it, because I don't think it matters that much unless someone starts asking me a bunch of questions. Locks are locks.

Since then I had someone ask me yesterday "how is your hair?" She didn't say it in a mean way but she was genuinely interested, like she hadn't seen it before and was curious. I explained that it was a technique used to start locks that is similar to a backwards braid that starts at the tip. Luckily there was someone else present who knew what sisterlocks were so I didn't have to go into too many details (although I already think I went too far in my explanation). She asked "so you're not taking them out?" and I said no....it took a minute to process. She was even more confused because the front is flat twisted, and she couldn't even tell there are locks in the front because they're so small. She asked what I was going to do with the front, and someone else explained to her that the front was locked too but I had styled it. Overall the response was positive.

Has anyone else been surprised by people's reaction to their hair? I'm not used to getting this much attention over my hair. Part of me likes it but then I feel like I'm on the spot and might say something silly or that I should be the ultimate "SL ambassador"...any thoughts?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Pictures!

Did I mention I was a little picture happy? :-) Here are some more pictures from my first few days with SLs.

I know my hair is short, but I am thinking of some styles I can do even with my length. I braided my hair last night, spritzed with some water this morning, and got in the shower to see if that would do anything. It was a little curlier look than I had yesterday, although you probably can't tell from this photo (please ignore the weird piece of hair sticking out on the bottom left side).

I was going to get carusos after reading on so many blogs about them, but I ordered some small Soft Spike Curlers today after reading brunsli's blog and BlaqKofi's blog about how the curls don't last that long. I'll see if they work for me, and if not when my hair grows out some I'll try again.

Oh, and did I mention I love my SLs!


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally Locked Up!

After two days and 9 hours, I am finally a part of the Sisterlocks family!

I already love the fact that I was able to style them right away and I don't have much scalp showing at all. I flat twisted the front after the first day which was easy since the parts are already there. I am just realizing how much time I spent parting my hair every week to flat twist and two strand twist.

I am nervous about shampooing because both sets of sample locks I had unravelled after 2 - 3 shampoos, but I'll give it a try. Braiding and banding will be difficult because my hair is really short, so any suggestions are welcome.

I was told I should have around 350 or more locks but I haven't been bored enough to count them yet. I am a little picture happy and will be posting more soon. I took so many that the memory on my phone was full so I had to stop. :)