Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lock Sighting

For the first time someone asked me if I was getting "dreads" last week. I really don't like that term, I prefer "locks" but I was just so excited that someone had even noticed I was locking my hair so I didn't say anything! I also didn't feel it necessary to go into the whole "well actually they are sisterlocks" thing and then have to explain it, because I don't think it matters that much unless someone starts asking me a bunch of questions. Locks are locks.

Since then I had someone ask me yesterday "how is your hair?" She didn't say it in a mean way but she was genuinely interested, like she hadn't seen it before and was curious. I explained that it was a technique used to start locks that is similar to a backwards braid that starts at the tip. Luckily there was someone else present who knew what sisterlocks were so I didn't have to go into too many details (although I already think I went too far in my explanation). She asked "so you're not taking them out?" and I said no....it took a minute to process. She was even more confused because the front is flat twisted, and she couldn't even tell there are locks in the front because they're so small. She asked what I was going to do with the front, and someone else explained to her that the front was locked too but I had styled it. Overall the response was positive.

Has anyone else been surprised by people's reaction to their hair? I'm not used to getting this much attention over my hair. Part of me likes it but then I feel like I'm on the spot and might say something silly or that I should be the ultimate "SL ambassador"...any thoughts?


  1. Your hair looks great. I believe you made the right decision. Who did your hair?

    Peace and Many Blessings,