Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Shampoo

OK, so I was finally brave enough to shampoo my hair. I did an ACV rinse as well to help cleanse my scalp. Here is how (crazy) I looked after braiding and banding and spraying my hair with my ACV/water mixture:

It didn't take that long. I had to experiment with some different bands. The first ones I bought were too big (I never planned on using the rubber bands in the SL starter kit). I found some that were small but worked ok, although a few slipped off while I was shampooing. I used the SL starter shampoo and the knotty boy shampoo because of my dry scalp. After reading stories about the starter shampoo drying out your scalp I didn't want to chance using just that and going another week before shampooing my hair.

As you can see from the shots below, I had some slippage around the front where my hair is really short, and the scalpy look has gone away. I don't think you can even tell my hair is locked in the front after flat twisting it now.

flat twists before shampoo

flat twists after shampoo

I have some slippage in the back of my hair too in a few areas where my hair had broken off really bad before I got my SLs, so it was really short. My follow up visit is next week so hopefully my consultant will fix the front of my hair and my report won't be too bad after my shampoo attempt.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to get Sisterlocks. It's been the best decision I made and i'm pretty sure you won't regret it. Your hair looks great already.
    I tagged you. Go to my blog to check out the rules.

  2. I'm not washing my hair for a while, scared! I see Journeii has beaten me to it,BUT I have tagged you so the rules are on both blogs if you want them! have fun x