Monday, June 23, 2008

One Month Locked Up!

So it's been one month since I got my sisterlocks. I didn't blog on my one month lociversary because I was out of town but here are the pics I took on the 19th:

Day 1 Month 1 Comparison (Back View)
(Left - Day 1, Right - Month 1)This was after I washed my hair and did nothing to it. You can see the texture has changed some since my installation.

Day 1 Month 1 Comparison (Side View)
(Left - Day 1, Right - Month 1)

Right now I'm pretty much just wearing a freestyle although the front of my hair was twisted in this pic. I can feel a difference, and I think the starter shampoo is really helping my hair along. I have some balls forming at the ends already. I have a pic of that but it's hard to see, I may post it if I can clean it up some.

I am getting retightened in another week and then I'll be on my four week schedule. I still have some slippage in the back and the front in the really short spots, and going to the beach didn't help. I didn't submerge my head in the water but the back did get wet. I may just two strand twist those areas for now until my retightening...I'll just have to remember to take them out :-) All in all I'm still enjoying the journey and watching the change my hair is going through.

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