Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 1 - Month 5 Comparison Shots

I thought this would be a good point to do some comparison pics to see how my hair has changed over the past 5 months.

Here is a comparison of the back view of my hair from day 1 and 5 months (today). I think it has grown some and is a little fuller than it was on the first day.

This comparison is of the left side. I had some spots on the sides of my hair that had broken off really bad from some braids that were too tight. Now it's finally starting to look normal again.

The right side is one of the most dramatic comparisons. As you can see, my hair had broken off so bad on the right side I actually had some spots that were almost bald :-( I'm happy to say after 5 months, you can hardly tell I ever had this problem. I can still tell it's shorter on the sides but at least I have some hair! :-)

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