Saturday, June 20, 2009

13 Months! - 2009 Goal Update 5

So I've made it to 13 months and need to do something with my hair. I plan to curl it tonight, but here are some post-wash pre-style pics:

This month I actually retightened my own hair for the first time (well, at least the front which is the most challenging part since I still have hair growing in between my consultant finished the back the following week). I split one of my locs in the front because somewhere along the line it looked like two got joined together. It is growing slowly and I am in the swelling phase where my locks are plumping up, especially in the back, but I'm happy with my progress. I can feel that several of my ends are fully encased while some of my ends are still open.

I graduated last month so now that I'm done with school, I have time to focus on my other goals. I started working in a salon this week so I have been doing more retightenings. So far so good. My retightening time is down from 5-6 hours to 3-4, so I am getting a little faster. It also depends on the condition of the person's hair of course, but that's my ballpark range.

I am still working out on a regular basis and have recruited some work out buddies along the way. I am addicted to Zumba, which is a group exercise class based on latin/international dance. I have also been doing weight training consistently and it turns out I've gained a pound. I bought Bethenny Frankel's book Naturally Thin and it's a good read. It's helping me not become neurotic and obsessive about losing weight and I like her sarcastic/dry sense of humor (she's the natural chef from Real Housewives of NY). I also need to focus on some key things like reducing/eliminating soy intake, increasing protein which can be challenging since I'm a vegetarian, and reducing my caloric intake. Overall I enjoy working out and I feel healthier so at the end of the day it's all good.

I had my first swimming lesson last week. I am getting some of the techniques down but I am still afraid of drowning because I don't think people float the same way fish do. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Great update! Your locks are moving a long well. Learning to swim will be a blessing to you! Have no fear, dear!

  2. You've been up to a lot I see. Awesome! I continue to enjoy watching the progress of your locks too. Take care!