Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 Months Today

Today I am officially 1 year and 8 months Sisterlocked! I have graduated to using the green tea shampoo (which I love) but I will still probably use the starter shampoo every now and then. I also started using sisterlocks conditioner and moisturing spray. I also tried the Crinkles & Curls setting lotion. I didn't notice much difference in it holding my curls but it does smell good. It's supposed to make your hair dry faster. I guess I'm turning into a product junkie (no!!!!!!!).

I haven't been doing much with my hair lately, but it is still growing at its own pace. I did reach another silly landmark though....the headband! lol. OK, so I really don't wear headbands but I needed something to keep my hair out of the way when I wash my face (imagine that, hair in my I would end up with a few straight locks on the sides of my head when I set my hair because it would get wet while I washed my face (not cute). So I got some very thin headbands (they look more like big rubberbands) just to keep my hair dry and it's been working so far.

The pictures below were taken last month (at around 19 months) after I washed my hair:

More pics to come...

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