Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 Years!!!

It's official!!! On May 19, 2010, I celebrated my 2 year lock anniversary!

OK, so I didn't do much celebrating (I was retightening a client's hair), but later that week or the next week I actually did get a massage and finished retightening my own hair :-)

As promised, here are the pictures of my bangs styled with a curling iron on low heat setting. The pics aren't the best but here it is:

Here are some comparison pics of my 1st day, 1st year, and 2nd year. Looks like I'm making progress...

Right side where I had a LOT of breakage when I started...

Back view...
(the middle picture is actually at about 13 months)


  1. Your hair is coming along very good. I have been locked for 6 weeks and I am loving my hair. My ends are still relaxed. When I get more length I will cut them off... I will be looking at your post on a regular basis for idea and to see what you use and just to see how your process is going.
    Take care.
    p.s I have a blog and would love for you to leave comments and suggestions. Thanks

  2. Happy Lockversary! Your locks are progressing nicely!

  3. Congrats on reaching your second year!! Your locks are beautiful!