Monday, September 13, 2010

Month 28

It's been busy an I haven't done much with my hair lately. I am pretty much trying to keep it retightened on a regular schedule. I'm in a bit of a styling rut but as my hair is growing out some I think I'll have more options.

On the sisterlocks trainee front, I finally submitted my certification application to the sisterlocks home office :-)

Here are some random pics I took last month. I had set my hair with soft spikes but didn't have time to let it try completely, so the curls had already fallen by the end of they day.


  1. That's great you are going to be a consultant. I keep telling myself I need to take the class.

    Your locks so beautiful. They looks so uniform. Enjoy them the way they are styling will come in time :)

  2. I swear your blog is my inspiration!!!! Your hair has really evolved since day one this keeps me going and gives me hope.

    Congrats on your journey in to becoming a consultant. I hope to see some pics of your clients!