Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Latest Styling Attempt/First Retightenting

I was getting tired of the soft spikes since my last attempt at curls only lasted 48 hours. I wanted a tighter curl that lasted longer so I bought some perm rods and some setting lotion (gasp!). I know, I broke the cardinal lock newbie rule of putting something in my hair besides water. My curls lasted for a t least week until I washed it so I'm happy with the results. Next time I'll just use water so the Sisterlocks gods will smile down upon me :) Here are my pics:

On another note, I did my first retightening! It took about 4 hours but I finished retightening Neesa's Mom's hair over the weekend. I also met a potential client while I was getting my blood drawn at the dr's office (guess you can talk about Sisterlocks anywhere) and through a friend of mine. Hopefully I will get my first client soon.


  1. Yay! My hair is really growing fast. You are going to have to tighten me up again soon!

  2. Nice, very Nice.

    take care~

  3. The rods def look nice, and I see your point about tighter and longer curls. *thumbs up*.