Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sisterlocks Training & Hair Care Survey

Its official, I am signed up to take the sisterlocks training and I can't wait! I admit I made the decision on a whim (an expensive one at that), but I am passionate about sisterlocks and hope the class will help me be able to help others love their natural hair. I know some consultants already that I can hopefully work with to fine tune my skills after the training. And of course I will be my first guinea pig!

I also decided that I should wrap up my hair care survey and post a summary of the results. Some of the responses were quite interesting. I will probably shut it down later this week so this is your last chance if you want to participate (link to the right or look for post labeled black hair survey).


  1. Learning to DIY is always a treat! I look forward to hearing about the class.

  2. You know I'm down for the guniea pig status!